MistAway 45° Slimline Nozzle is placed along eaves for Mosquito Control

MistAway 45° Slimline Nozzle (Bag of 10)


The MistAway 45 Degree Slimline Nozzle is an necessary component of the mosquito misting nozzle circuit. The 45 Degree Slimline Nozzles are typically installed underneath eaves and overhangs.  The nozzle tip has a unique spray pattern for the maximum distribution of the misting concentrate and the 45 degree angle aims the concentrate away from buildings. The misting nozzle tip can be unscrewed for access to the internal components, such as the ball, spring and filter (if needed).

This nozzle requires a 1/4″ push-to-connect fitting to complete the nozzle and to connect the nozzle to the tubing run.

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