Bellows Pump for MistAway Gen 3


New poppet valve pump. Includes inlet and discharge tubing.  Read on to make sure you need a new pump and not just new poppet valves.

  • First, confirm that your bellows pump is not working.  This article shows how.
  • By far the most common cause of the pump not working is that the valves inside the pump have been damaged by the concentrate.  Use one of these approved concentrates to prolong the life of your poppet valves.
  • If you bought your Gen 3 in 2016 or later (serial number higher than 406717), you can just replace the poppets with this poppet valve kit rather than replace the bellows pump.  This article describes how to replace the poppets.
  • If your unit was manufactured prior to 2016, you’ll need to replace the pump.  The manufacturer obsoleted the pump model we used until 2016 and replacement valves are unavailable.  This article will help you to determine your bellows pump model.    This article describes how to replace it.
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