MistAway Gen 3 Tankless Unit


Our premier Gen 3 Tankless Unit has all the functionality contained in our Gen 1.3 Super Drum Unit – agitation, leak detection and anti-siphon but in a smaller, prettier package that’s quicker and easier to replenish with concentrate.  It also gives you the ability to add optional internet monitoring with our iMist3 module.

The unit comes with a handheld Remote Control , a Plus Cap for the concentrate bottle, and a “finish kit” that includes the plumbing hardware you’ll need to get it up and running ASAP.

Consider adding a 1 gal or 1/2 gal Tip and Measure Bottle to hold the concentrate, a Nozzle Circuit Filter to prevent clogged nozzles and a Hose Bib Y Adapter so that your Gen 3 can share an outdoor faucet with a garden hose.

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