MistAway iMist3 Cellular Module


Enables internet monitoring and control of Gen 1.3 Super Drum Unit and Gen 3 Tankless Unit.

Price includes first year monitoring fee. After the first year, there is a $72 annual monitoring fee for each connected system that is due on the first operating anniversary of the module.

You can retrofit iMist3 on units purchased after July, 2013 without updating firmware in the controller.  Identify whether the controller firmware is compatible by observing the display immediately after powering on the misting unit.  If you see ENG or PR during bootup, the firmware is compatible with iMist3.  This generally corresponds to serial numbers greater than 110750 for Gen 1.3 drum units and greater than 404850 for Gen 3 tankless units.  To access all the functionality of iMist3 in a Gen 1.3 drum unit, it must have leak detection installed.

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