MistAway Gen 3 Tankless Unit Package


Our premier Gen 3 Tankless Unit has all the functionality contained in our Gen 1.3 Super Drum Unit – agitation, leak detection and anti-siphon but in a smaller, prettier package that’s quicker and easier to replenish with concentrate.  It also gives you the ability to add optional internet monitoring with our iMist3 module.

The unit comes with a handheld Remote Control, a Plus Cap for the concentrate bottle, and a “finish kit” that includes the plumbing hardware you’ll need to get it up and running ASAP.

This package also includes a 1/2 gallon Tip and Measure Bottle to hold the concentrate, a Nozzle Circuit Filter to prevent clogged nozzles and a Tube Cutter for installing the nozzle circuit.  When combined with one or more or our slimline nozzle or landscape riser packages, you’ll have everything you need to install your new system.

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